Binding Our Futures Together

by Nika

Buying a house is akin to getting married.

There is a solemn gathering with a presiding official and everyone wearing nice clothes.  There is a lot of arcane ceremony and formal language.  Papers are signed, payment is rendered.  Everyone shakes hands and congratulates the new owner.

I was very nervous before the closing.  I didn’t sleep much the night before.  It’s such a big step.  All the inspections were good, but how much can you really know about what lies behind walls or under floors?  What if this is all a mistake?  I couldn’t eat breakfast and had too much coffee.  Nevertheless, I found the resolve to sign my name to a check while managing to smile. A ring full of keys was my reward.

Afterwards, it was just us, the house and I, enjoying the spring sunshine.  Ready for the challenges ahead.