Good Hair Day

by Nika


Southern women have style  and we love to show it off.  I just got back from the beauty shop (center of small town life in the south) with a new ‘do.  I feel sooo good.  We all know that feeling, a new haircut, a great outfit, or a new pair of heels can just put that extra swing in your step.

Southern homes must share this trait.  I think of the old house as a mature lady who still has her good bones and her attitude, but suffered a run of bad luck.  She was desperately in need of cosmetic help.

In 1988, The Tuscaloosa News printed an article entitled “Designer Strives for Right Color for Historic Homes.”   In the article, Lee Rahe, a Professor in the Interior Design Department at the University of Alabama, is photographed on the second floor balcony at 815 17th Avenue.  He is demonstrating how it is painted the wrong historic color.  It’s like being pictured as a Glamour Magazine “Don’t.”  The paint color on my house is , according to Professor Rahe, neither “authentic nor appropriate.”  How embarrassing…

Fortunately 2013 is giving the house a brighter face.  She is now being painted a color recommended as the best antebellum white by Southern Living Magazine.  The sun is shining and the first wisteria blossoms are scenting the air in Tuscaloosa.  I believe the old house is feeling good in her new ‘do.  We have a way to go, but she will soon be ready to strut.

I am thinking about calling The Tuscaloosa News to demand a follow-up.