“Back in the Good ‘Ol Days”

by Nika

We have all heard the stories from our parents, grandparents, older aunts and uncles.  You know the ones I mean.  The stories that all begin with, “back in the good ‘ol days” and end with a reference to how inexpensive (and well-made) something was.  It seems that in the “good ‘ol days” almost everything was less than $1.00 and made to last a lifetime.


I found this newspaper stuffed up one of the chimneys in my antebellum Tuscaloosa house.  I’m not sure if the person who put it there was trying to start a fire or stop a draft.  It is an old copy of The Tuscaloosa News.  The date isn’t legible, but the prices definitely put the publication “back in the good ‘ol days.”  After all, when was the last time you paid $1.98 for a dress?

Some of the products listed are no longer stocked in your local store.  ‘Jimmie-Alls’ were a type of overalls designed for little boys to wear as play clothes.  They could be made in a variety of colors and had wider straps than traditional overalls.  ‘Jimmie-Alls’ could also have either long or short pants.  ‘Wash Suits’ were little boys sailor-suits made from washable fabric.

IMG_0574 It all inspires a feeling of nostalgia, even in those of us too young to have experienced the “good ‘ol days” firsthand.