A Good Hardware Store

by Nika

Are you lucky enough to live in a town that still has a good hardware store?  Not a “big-box” store where you can wander for days without finding either the item you needed or an employee, but a full-service local hardware where the staff is knowledgable and make you feel welcome.  Once a staple of every main street, these stores are now a vanishing breed.  I may be one of the few southerners still lucky enough to live near a great hardware store, Little Hardware.

Little Hardware is the kind of place where customers are greeted at the door by staff members whose knowledge is encyclopedic.  I have been trying to stump them for years without success.  I once took in only the charred remnants of a part damaged by fire and was calmly given a replacement.  These guys are amazing.

In addition to the sale of all types of household needs, the staff of Little Hardware provides the type services it is increasingly hard to find anywhere else.  For example, I recently took the old “Sabana Tonic” bottle I found during the demolition phase at my old house and they made it into a neat little lamp. Here is the bottle before its transformation.



And, here it is after.  I was so pleased to find a good use for this old bottle.  I thought it was an interesting artifact and now it can occupy a place of honor in the old house.  It will be a great conversation piece.  To me, this is the soul of historic preservation, taking something old and abandoned and giving it a new, vibrant purpose.  If only I could take my whole house to Little Hardware and pick up after they have fixed everything.  Sadly, I don’t have a big enough box…