Thank You Notes

by Nika

Here in the South, we still write thank you notes.  It is a habit drilled into every young southern girl by generations of mothers and grandmothers.  Writing thank you notes is as southern as wearing pearls and heels to football games. 

I created a special ‘thank you note’ for some of the people who have made the renovation of my old house possible.  Without the direction and encouragement of General Contractor Jeffrey Harless and the dedication of his talented crew, I would have given up long ago.  I appreciate their patience with my crazy ideas and, well, my general craziness.  I owe them all so much!  I also owe a (literal as well as figurative) debt to June Holmes and all my new friends at Capstone Bank.  They have been wonderful. 

So, here is my idea.  I made a photo book documenting the renovation of my old house.  

Image do ya’ll think?