Animal House?

by Nika

Southerners love to visit and to receive visitors.  It is a part of the grand tradition of “Southern Hospitality.”  We believe hostesses should be ready to welcome anyone who knocks on their door at a moment’s notice.

Well, this week some unexpected callers have appeared at my old house.  Maybe we should should start calling it “Animal House!” The first visitor is very welcome, the others – not so much.




This little charmer is our new house cat.  He wandered in the open door of 815 17th Avenue like he owned the place.  Apparently a stray, he has won all our hearts and a place in our family.   His name is “General Lee.”   Certainly, he is  appropriately named for the “cat-in-charge” of an antebellum home.

Our other new visitors have been fluttering around in the third floor central hall, and causing quite a fuss.  They are small dark brown bats.  I can’t discover how they are getting into the house.  There is no chimney in that area and the attic looks clear.   Can anyone help me identify them?  And, I get them out of the house?  I know bats are a beneficial species and I don’t wish to harm them, just encourage them to move elsewhere.  Any suggestions ya’ll have would be appreciated!