2018-19 Lease

Lease Agreement

The rental agreement is made between Past Horizons, LLC (landlord) and ____________________________________ (tenant) of apartment ___ located at 815 17th Avenue, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401.

The term of this lease shall be from August 1, 2018 to July 28, 2019.  The tenant agrees to pay $600.00 per room per month in rent to Past Horizons LLC for rooms on the first and second floors, the smaller second floor room is $450.00 per month. The third floor apartments may be rented for $750.00 per month for the entire apartment.  Rent will be due the first of the month and can be paid via Venmo or mailed to Past Horizons LLC, 201 County Road 6, Calhoun, TN 37309.  Rent is considered late after the 10th day of the month, and a late fee of $25.00 will be added to any rents received after the 10th of the month. Rent may also be paid by the semester or the year. If the rent is not paid the landlord may terminate the lease agreement.

The tenant agrees to pay a security deposit of $500.00, due with the signing of the lease.  The security deposit is refundable at the end of the lease, provided there are no damages to the property and the apartment is cleaned. Reasonable wear and tear will be determined by the landlord.  At move out, the room, kitchen and bathroom must be cleaned, with all trash and debris removed, and appliances cleaned inside and out.  Floors should be swept and mopped. If you have replaced the window coverings, the originals should be clean and back in place.

The other bills to be shared among the tenants are: gas, water, electricity, garbage, cable, internet, lawn maintenance and janitorial services for the common areas.  The total is $175.00 per tenant per month.  The landlord reserves the right to adjust the utility charges if rates significantly increase.  Payment should be included with lease payment.

Tenant laundry facilities are provided on the first and third floors.  Please respect the needs of others and remove your clothing from the washer and dryer in a prompt manner.

Any questions about repair issues, or maintenance can be directed to Nika McCool (205)356-8194.  Tenants should promptly report any malfunction or damage to electrical, plumbing, HVAC systems, appliances or smoke detectors. The landlord (or her authorized representative) has the right to enter any room for maintenance or repair.

Tenants are responsible for keeping their own apartments in good order and should share in the care of common areas. Tenants must take trash the appropriately labeled outside receptacle.  Trash day is Monday and outside receptacles should be on the curb Sunday night.  Receptacles must be off the curb by noon on Monday.  The City of Tuscaloosa does issue tickets for trash receptacles left on the curb.

Any major changes to the house (such as painting, hanging TVs, building lofts, or changing locks) must be approved by the landlord in writing. Tenants are free to decorate with pictures, posters, etc… using Command strips or other similar products.  Please refrain from using nails or screws as the walls in our home are plaster.

Tenants and their guests shall conduct themselves in a manner that will not disturb the other tenants and neighbors peaceful enjoyment of the property. Further, the tenant agrees that anyone on the premises at the invitation of sufferance of the tenant or the tenant himself creates a disturbance or nuisance in any manner to disturb the peaceful occupancy of the other tenants, then the landlord may declare the same a breach of the lease. All guests are the responsibility of their tenant hosts, including any damage done to the premises by any such guest.

Tenants are responsible for insuring their own possessions against fire and other catastrophes.

Tenants are NOT allowed to keep pets on the property.

Tenants agree that the premises are only to be occupied by those persons specifically named in the lease.  If any other person resides with the tenant without prior written permission from the landlord, the landlord has the right to declare the lease in default. Tenants shall not sublet their rooms without the express permission of the landlord.

Tenants shall not keep firearms, explosives or inflammables on the property.

Tenants should not grill on the covered porches, please use the concrete patio in the backyard for grilling.

Our parking is reserved for tenants only, please ask your guests to park on the street.  On game days tenants parents are welcome to use our parking if everyone leaves their keys so cars can be rearranged if someone needs to leave.  Our lawn, porches and fire pit are available for tailgating for tenant’s families.

Our home is part of the Druid City Historic District.  The district enforces a rule against ‘indoor’ furniture being used on porches, or hanging rugs, laundry, towels, etc. on balcony railings.  Suitable porch furniture has been provided by Past Horizons,LLC. Aerial antennas and satellite dishes are not permitted, Comcast cable and internet is provided as part of the tenant’s utilities. The porches and lawn should generally be maintained in good order.

All tenants are students, therefore ‘quiet time’ is enforced after 11pm on weeknights and midnight on weekends until 7 am.  Please respect the study needs of others by keeping these times quiet.

All tenants will be issued keys to their rooms and the front door.  There will a $10 charge to replace lost keys.

It is fully understood and agreed that the landlord shall not be liable for any injury to person or damage to property which may occur on account of any defect in said leased premises.

Tenants and their guest shall not engage in any criminal activities or facilitate any criminal activities on the premises.

Tenants and guests shall not engage in threats of violence or acts of violence on the premises.

Tenants agree to keep their rooms in good order and not to block or cover any of the HVAC ducts or returns.  A lost HVAC remote (if you are in a second floor room) will result a $150.00 fine.  Tenants further agree not to leave garbage or spoiled food that could attract pests either in their room, kitchen or in the common areas (including porches and balconies).

Date: ____________

Signature of Tenant: _________________________________________

Signature of Parent: __________________________________________

Signature of Landlord: ________________________________________
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