“Storytelling – A Southern Voice”

by Nika

Alabama is a haunted land. It is a land of ghosts. Perhaps it was the defeat in war and passing of the antebellum South that left us with these restless spirits, inhabiting the grand structures left abandoned.

Many of us here in Alabama treasure the memory of Thomasville born Kathryn Tucker Windham, the storyteller who was the voice of our collective past. Her classic book, Thirteen Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey, is on most of our bookshelves and her stories are part of our childhoods. They has delighted and terrified readers since 1969. Embedded in these stories is a wealth of history and folklore. Even though they are works of fiction, there are many kernels if truth.

“Death Lights in the Tower” is Windham’s story detailing the ghosts of the Drish House.

I hope you enjoy it!