The Foster-Murfee-Caples House

815 17th ave 1929

The House is located at 815 17th Avenue in the heart of Tuscaloosa’s Druid City HIstoric District, just a few blocks west of Bryant-Denny Stadium.  It has deep roots in Alabama’s past and a bright future.

Built by slave labor in 1838, the three-story plantation home was a wedding gift from Marmaduke Williams to his daughter, Agnes, upon her marriage to Hopson Owen.

In 1861, Agnes and Hopson’s daughter, Laura, married James T. Murfee in the home’s front parlor.  Professor Murfee taught mathematics at the University of Alabama and led the student cadet corps into action when Federal forces invaded Tuscaloosa in April 1865.

In 1911, the plantation was sold and the open fields surrounding the home gave way to city streets and bungalows.  Soon after, the house itself was subdivided into six apartments to provide housing for students at the nearby university.

In recent years, the once proud landmark has fallen into disrepair as result of neglect and misuse.

My goal is to restore the Foster-Murfee-Caples House in order to welcome future generations of students to the University of Alabama.  This Greek Revival antebellum mansion should stand as a testimony to our pride in Alabama’s history and the championship traditions of the Capstone.